Welcome to Winggs - Natural Clothing
Natural, breathing cloth, which regulates body temperature.
Welcome to Winggs - Natural Clothing
Winggs Shirts is manufactured using cotton, linen & panels of braiding

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Purple Kimono - winggs clothing
Purple Kimono
R 480,00
Turquoise Shirt with Braid
Turquoise Shirt
R 499,00

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Black Shirt
R 499,00
Brown Shirt
R 599,00
Teal Braided Shirt
Braided Shirt LB
R 499,00


There is a way of living that has a certain grace & beauty. Every garment is made with uncompromising quality, with a mix of youthful & vintage flair, to leave you the wearer feeling confident, flirty & a bit dreamy...
Every chic piece, garment, article is made with uncompromising quality with a mix of youthful vintage flair to leave u the wearer feeling confident, firstly & a bit dreamy & elegant & chic.
Winggs has specialized in timeless clothing & apparel for men & woman who enjoy effortless style. Comfy cotton (fabrics) meets carefree style. Effortlessly comfortable & Flattering shirts. That are each one is unique & different.